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Please see links to our schedule, map, rules, and directions for this Sundays tournament.  Please arrive at your fields on time. The tournament will run on one horn to start and end each game. You will need to warm up on the side before each game, and please move off the filed after the game as quick as possible. 
Please pay extra attention to the map for field locations and parking. The school has a parking lot in the front of the school and we are allowed to park in the pool parking lot next to the school. Please do not park anywhere else as you may get ticketed.
We will have a breakfast tent/table with buns and donuts and bagels. We will also be selling light snacks, water, and Gatorade all day. We have 3 food trucks that will be there for lunch and the remainder of the day. . 
We only printed 150 tournament t-shirts. If you plan to purchase one please do so early. 
We look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday. If you have any questions please let us know.   
Mike Robel 
Cranford Lacrosse Club